What is Entre Dos Mundos?

Entre dos Mundos is an evidence-based, 10-week prevention and early intervention program designated by Paul R Smokowski, PhD and Martica Bacallo, PhD.

Entre Dos Mundos Support groups provide a safe space where families can discuss what it is like to live in two cultures. Topics covered in the multifamily groups include the impact of acculturative stress on family relationships, discrimination, language barriers, school, work, family pride, educational goals, future sucess in maintaining cultural identity in the context of biculturalism. Facilitators together with participants develop perspectives that empasize individual, family and cultural strengths.

Entre Dos Mundos Support groups are conducted in Spanish by bicultural facilitators, including youth co-facilitators from Juventud FACETA, who understand the norms, values, and meanings embedded in Latino culture and to have first-hand experience with acculturative stress and biculturalism.

Why is EDM Beneficial

Entre Dos Mundos support groups addresses issues of acculturative stress which is associated with mental health, physical health and substance abuse problems in Latino imigrant families. Entre Dos Mundos support groups aim to streghten parent/child relationships, family adaptability in addressing the cultural gap, develop social support networks, and promote biculturalism as a healthy adaptation to these stressors.

Understanding these psychosocial stressors help Latino families better understand and avocate for their needs.

Entre Dos Mundos Support Group Themes

  • How is our family changing as we adapt to life in the United States? How does our family preserve what is valuable from our culture of origin while integrating new perspectives from the US culture?
  • What worries do you have for their parents? What worries the parents have for their youth? How can we help each other decrease some of these worries? How Can we reasure and confort one another.
  • When family conflicts arises due to cultural conflict how can we support each other as individuals and as a family, when we have different perspectives?
  • What types of dicrimination do we experience at school and at work? How can family members support each other in handling these situations in positive ways?
  • How do you youth and parents participate in the school? How would youth and parents wish to participate in school?
  • How can we strenghten our relationships with non-Latino Americans (peers, teachers, coworkers) outside of our families and the Latino comunity.
  • What do we want our future to look like in 5 years? How can we develop bicultural identities?
  • Other themes includes: Obtaining scholarships for college, cultural supports for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and health issues relative to Latino families Additional themes can be selected by group participants.
  • Entre Dos Munditos

    The Entre Dos Mundos program provides an Entre Dos Munditos group that occurs at the same time as the multifamily group for parents and adolescents. The Entre Dos Munditos Group is designed for children ages 3 to 10. It follows the same themes that are addressed in the Entre Dos Mundos multifamily support group utilizing discussion of bicultural issues centered around art activities, stories, songs, and play that helps children trough the acculturization process.

    Contact Us:

    Patricia Cortez MSW patrcortez@yahoo.com

    Teresa Montes MSW terebmra@gmail.com


    Groups are facilitated by:

    Patricia Cortez, MSW and Teresa Montes, MSW.

    Patricia Cortez is the board President of Amigos Multicultural Services Center founder and coordinator of Juventud FACETA youth leadership training program. She is also a therapist and clinical supervisor at Center for Family development and co-manager of the Entre Dos Mundos Program.

    Teresa Montes is the Executive Director of Amigos Multicultural Services Center and a therapist at Center for Family Development and co-manager of Entre dos Mundos psrogram.

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