What do Families Say About Entre Dos Mundos?

Comments From Parents

"One of the activities that impacted me the most was "Our worries." I learned that [parents] do not just think about [their children], but [our children] think about us too."

"One thing that I liked about the group is that it gave the youth an opportunity to hear other parents and youth, and see that we share the same problems, worries and wishes. And it's not just our family."

"I thought I already knew everything about my children, but by participating in the group I learned that we never stop learning about our children. As they grow, they change."

"I appreciate hearing my doughter speak. I had not realized how clear and precize she is. She is not as shy as I though she was."

"I learned a lot about struggles and success from other peoples' stories."

"I had to come to the last group. My husband would not miss a day, so I had to see what motivated him to be here every Wednesday afternoon."

"I thought I was doing a big favor to my sons teaching them about being machos, but now I see how that impacts my wife and daughter, other men have to see that too, so I will speak out about that."

Comments From Youth

"I was cought in seen my parents as bad parents, but now I though learning the topics I have more understanding where they are coming from. I still disagree with them, but I understand more why they do what they do."

"I get it now, my parents are afraid that when I go out and act as teenager I wont come back. By saying "I'm coming back mom" I can make the situation better for me, and for them instead of getting angry and ignoring them."

"The first time I was asked for my opinion I freak out, I never experienced someone caring to know what I think, it's cool to know that now I'll be doing that for my peers."

"I don't talk anywhere. I felt confortable speaking here."

"I didn't know I had so many opportunities for scholarships. I am motivated once again."

"I will encourage my family to attend the next group, we can use this stuff."

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